Why not share the adventure?

Whether you have wandered here by accident or were conned into it somehow, I welcome you.

My name is Colin, and I love beer. Not just any beer mind you: craft beer. Since I could legally drink, I’ve been on a mission to educate and enlighten myself on the wide world of brews. I was lucky that I turned 21 in Colorado, with such great brewers like New Belgium and Odell right in my backyard of Fort Collins. I soon realized beer was more than the swill my college friends were shotgunning and doing keg stands from.

And if you agree with me, well…then you’re in the right place, friend.

I’m calling this blog the “Beoir Man” (beoir being the Gaelic word for beer) as I am both passionate about beer and my Irish heritage. Luckily, the two go hand in hand! The purpose is to document my journey exploring good drinks, good food, and even greater adventures. I also noticed a distinct absence in the beer community when it comes to describing beers: feelings.

Sure there are many a review and rating that tell you what flavors it reminds them of, the bouquet, and even what foods pair well with what they’re drinking. But what about memories? Events? Sometimes you want a good brew to celebrate to or maybe a beer that can help you drown out your sorrow or anger? Sometimes a good beer is more than just a tasty adult libation…it’s a perfect companion that rounds out an experience.

This blog is basically my beer journal. It’s a lens of my life through beer. And just like beer goggles, I hope to appear more attractive and witty to my audience. If I’m not…you should drink more.

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